1. Transportation Facilities : Students are catered to and fro in the school’s big buses in numbers as well as mini cabs which provide door to door services.
  2. Computer Lab Facilities as separate into two groups – Junior section lab, and Senior section lab accordingly. In order to meet the increasing demand  in Information Technology, students at our school are given computer classes right from an early age.
  3. Music Facilities : Our students love to sing and play musical instrument very much . during at holy festival like the children Christmas celebration in December year is good time to see and enjoy the melodious songs and music of the students.
  4. Canteen Facility : School  has provision all food items very fresh (cooked hygienically in the school’s kitchen with euro guard water to drink).
  5. Counseling Facility : Students and teachers have access to counseling facility in the school with qualified counselor trained in the field.
  6. Scholarship Facility : Scholarships are available to deserving and needy students. However, awarding scholarship is based on individual’s needs and its assessment by the school.
  7. Game Facility : School provides indoor games, outdoor games, field activities etc.