Your most welcome to visit in our school. At the school you will find a stimulating environment  that encourages a fair for learning  and development of a sound character. Our Motto from the early start is to help your child reach his /her highest potential –in all aspects of child’s life in fairing environment that will guide the student to a commitment for true values in life. Scholar Beam Sr. Sec. School Aims to provide a comprehensive system of education with the goal of fulfill to need of children in an every-advancing competitive society in this present world.  As such, our  hard struggle to maintain high standards of teaching by qualified teachers and training to help build up the students in order to make them responsible  and capable individuals as well as good citizen of their country, society and nation at large.



Perseverance with a goal


To impart good quality education with holistic development


To see Scholar Beam School kids as an excellent model of Christians school in Dehradun (UK) where Biblical and other holy values of human dignity and efficiency in every aspects of life is taught and learned. The ultimate vision is to transform the community with the light of education based on holistic principles.


1.To provide an excellent  education environment  that will motivate the students to reach their maximum academic potentiality .

2-To provide a caring and loving environment that will promote self-respect of others and help the self-confidence  of each student.

3-To provide environment of acceptance , responsibility and integrity among students or friends that will extends towards as well.